Medical Documentation

Why does Work Connections request a Health Care Provider Report or medical records?

Developing a relationship with the treatment team and obtaining complete medical information is critical to coordinating an effective plan to help your patient.

The employee is responsible for providing sufficient medical documentation to support absence due to disability. Work Connections provides assistance by identifying what medical documentation is needed. As a courtesy, with authorization from the employee, Work Connections will request it from you on your employee’s behalf. Failure to provide the necessary medical documentation to justify an absence could have a negative impact on your patient’s ability to obtain benefits.


What if I do not agree with the plan or actions of Work Connections?

Our primary objective is to provide assistance and support to your patient and facilitate a safe return to work. If there is a disagreement, discuss your concerns with your patient, his or her case manager, nurse case manager, or the Work Connections supervisor. We will work with you to understand your concerns and find a solution.

Return to Work

What happens when my patient is ready to return to work?

Work Connections’ objective is to facilitate a safe and lasting return to work. Our staff will work with you, your patient, and his or her supervisor to:

  • Help evaluate essential functions of the job and anticipate needs for accommodations, if required
  • Discuss and develop a return-to-work plan
  • Maintain regular contact with the employee and supervisor to coordinate the return-to-work plan
  • Follow up on medical progress and assist with any problems or concerns after your patient has returned to work

Medical Leave Form

The Medical Leave Form provides a simple and easy way for physicians to provide medical information necessary to help us assist employees and departments with managing their disability.

This form normally provides enough information for case managers to evaluate an employee’s medical situation to determine what assistance may be needed, estimate the necessity of time away from work or identify required return-to-work restrictions.

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Functional Abilities Form

Work Connections case managers work with employees, supervisors, and physicians to identify opportunities for return to work as soon as it is reasonably safe for an employee to do so. The Functional Abilities Form allows physicians to indicate any restrictions that may be required to ensure a successful and safe return to work.

This form normally provides all the information necessary for case managers to evaluate an employee’s medical situation and determine what assistance or accommodations may be needed.

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