Health information provided to Work Connections by treating professionals remains confidential. Maintaining appropriate confidentiality of health information is a fundamental principle of the program. Health information will be released only in the following circumstances:

  • With written authorization from the employee
  • When strict need-to-know circumstances are demonstrated (e.g., for health/safety reasons or to make employment status decisions)
  • To comply with the requirements of the Workers’ Disability Compensation Act

Employees may voluntarily choose at any time to discuss a medical situation with their supervisor or co-workers. This is a personal choice and is not required. In many cases, though, sharing this information may lead to a great deal of support and encouragement.

Health information belongs to the employee and the university will guard it appropriately. This means that:

  • Medical information will be kept secure, private, and out of public view
  • Computer records will be protected
  • Work Connections staff will not discuss any medical issues in public areas