During an employee’s recovery and after return-to-work, Work Connections will:

  • Help ensure that employees receive sick time, Workers’ Compensation benefits, or other benefits to which they may be entitled
  • Facilitate communication with physicians and other health care providers to help employees understand their options
  • Develop and monitor a return-to-work plan with employees, supervisors, and physicians
  • Interact with other university departments to answer questions about benefits, employment status, salary, and any other issues related to an employee’s situation
  • Explore options for assistance from other university resources such as the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP), Michigan Medicine Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Family Care Resources, and other university and/or community-based support programs
  • Provide health resource information to employees as needed, and follow up on medical progress
  • Provide updates to employees, supervisors, and physicians, as needed
  • Answer the department’s questions about a variety of issues, ranging from the expected duration of an employee’s absence and how departments can help employees return-to-work safely
  • Help evaluate what is required for a safe return-to-work and resolve any issues that may arise after an employee returns to work