We Want to Help

Experiencing an injury or illness can be a stressful time and we are here to help you and your employee every step of the way. We’ll work with you, your employee and medical providers to help with recovery as quickly as possible.

We want your experience to be as convenient and as easy as possible so you can file a claim easily in two different ways.


File a request for service

Services for assistance with non-work-related disabilities may be requested by the supervisor or employee.

File a request for service online. Once you file a claim, you’ll get an Event Number to help track your claim.

If you are unable to file online,  print out a request form that can be mailed to our office.

Claim Form


Online Claim Form Download Claim Form

“I have overseen AEC’s Construction Services department for the past 21 years. Most of our employees have physical jobs and we have encountered a number of unique and challenging situations. We are so fortunate to have a partner in Risk Management/Work Connections. Their professionals have the skills and abilities to assist and advise us to solve even the most perplexing circumstances.”

Paul Guttman
Construction Services Director
Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

“I am pleased to write about the service experiences I have had with Work Connections. My Center has a consistently large number of complicated medical cases which are managed by Work Connections. We patiently wait our turn cognizant of the fact that there are thousands of cases that are managed by Work Connections. However, the service is consistency good and compassionate. The cases range from minor work place injuries to long term disability. I have only the highest regard for Work Connections and the work that they perform day and night on behalf of the Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research.”

Marlene Smith
Human Resources Manager
Institute for Social Research

“The collaboration and team work we have with Work Connections is outstanding. Their knowledge and expertise guides us in making the right decisions for our employees and department. We are very grateful for the service they provide to our department of 650+ employees. ”

Kristin Brancheau
Custodial & Grounds Services Business Manager