We Want to Help You

Experiencing an injury or illness can be a stressful time and we are here to help you to help you every step of the way. We’ll work with you, your medical providers and department to help you recover as quickly as possible. We want your experience to be as convenient and as easy as possible so you can file your claim easily in two different ways.


Return to Work

Research has shown that early return to work enhances both psychological and physical recovery while minimizing the negative impact of disability on an employee’s life. Work Connections case managers will work with you, your department, and other university departments to identify opportunities to return to work as soon as it is reasonably safe for you to do so. We will also coordinate with the Return to Work Program as needed.

A return-to-work plan is developed—with assistance from Work Connections—by you, your department, and your treatment team. Among other things, it includes information about any physical restrictions such as lifting or sitting for protracted periods of time along with a target date on which you will be fully recovered and able to assume your regular duties.

Work Connections’ objective is to facilitate a safe and lasting return to work. Our staff will work with you, your department, and your physician to:

  • Help evaluate essential functions of the job and anticipate needs for accommodations, if required
  • Discuss and develop a return-to-work plan
  • Maintain regular contact with you and your department to coordinate the return-to-work plan
  • Follow up on medical progress and assist with any medical issues after you  have returned to work

“The Work Connections staff helped me navigate through the paperwork related to my surgery and subsequent time off. They kept in touch via e-mail to make sure I was recuperating as expected. They served as advocates, as well as being liaisons between myself, leadership, and my care providers. I am grateful!”

Sandy Raymond
Northville/Canton Infusion

“When I was in one of the most difficult times in mine and my family’s lives, it was so comforting to be able to reach out and feel as if I had my own personal cheerleader, reassuring me that everything with my job and my supervisor would be taken care of so that I could focus on my illness and healing. I don’t think I can express in words my gratitude for having the stress of any potential problems with my job lifted from me during that overwhelming period of my life.”

Celeste Weissinger
University of Michigan Visiting Nurses

“Work Connections does an amazing job in recognizing just what it takes to get better: not just good medical treatment but a caring and knowledgeable staff that gives you time to heal and protects you from rushing back to work too soon. Every day after my hip replacement surgery I said to my husband: I’m so glad I’m not teaching. I would never have been able to do it and it was my Work Connections nurse who wisely told me so before the surgery.”

Deborah Dash Moore
Frederick G. L. Huetwell Professor of History and Judaic Studies

“I can’t say enough about Work Connections. They really understood my case and collaborated with me on a routine basis during my leave and after my return. Additionally, they connected me with other high quality caregivers so that I could just focus on wellness. In my 35th year as an employee I needed help and Work Connections came through in a way that can only be described as a blessing.”

Kevin Donovan
Business Planning Manager
Medical School

“I absolutely love Work Connections! This department is so very important to managers, supervisors and administrative assistants. They ensure that the correct documents are being used and verify information from medical providers. A quick referral to them can make a big difference in the workload surrounding an employee’s illness. They take care of the phone calls and follow up with the employee. I am happy Michigan Medicine has this service and highly recommend it.”

Robin Russell
8 C Nursing Supervisor